Part 1 - The Call

by Jane And Mark Lewis
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Capernaum Street grew out of our desire to write our own "soap opera"-style series of sketches which would be based on a UK soap opera (in order to feel familiar and engage people) and have cliff-hanger endings (to encourage people to come back for "next week's exciting episode").

Then one of the series we were doing in our Family Services was on the life of Peter. As Peter was a "Northerner" (as far as those in Judea were concerned) we decided to write a series tenuously based on Coronation Street. As Peter lived in Capernaum, the title of Capernaum Street wasn't too difficult to come up with! We were then faced with the constraints familiar to many church drama groups - a lack of resources and a Hollywood special effects budget. These seem necessary given the miracles Peter witnessed. Then we had the idea - what if Peter "came home from work", as it were, from his "day job" as a disciple of Jesus to relay all his experiences to his wife Elizabeth (OK we made up the Elizabeth bit but we know Peter had a wife because he had a mother-in-law - see Mark 1:30). This would mean only two people were required and no special effects!

Capernaum Street was born and the format has remained the same since. Each episode Peter returns from his day with Jesus to recount everything that's happened to Elizabeth in an "up-North"-kitchen-sink-type-Coronation-Street style.

This is the first in the Capernaum Street series and explores Peter's call to follow Jesus.  It is based around Luke's account of the calling of the first disciples in Luke 5:1-11. Though there is a reference to Peter's "sickly" mother-in-law which is a setup for the reference in Part 2 to Jesus' healing of her which is Mark 1:29-31. This is because Parts 1 and 2 originally formed the first Capernaum Street "mini-series" that we performed on successive Sundays. (Note: the Part numbers refer to the order the sketches were written in and not the order of events in Peter's life).



  • Peter, apostle of Jesus.
  • Elizabeth, his wife.

Peter should be dressed to suggest "fisherman". (E.g. wellies, big woolly jumper, water-proof jacket, etc.)
Elizabeth is a house-proud housewife and should be wearing a house-coat, have her hair in a scarf and have a duster to wave around for emphasis.


The scene is the kitchen in Peter and Elizabeth's house. You can get away with just a table and at least one chair.

We use three devices to create a consistent "look and feel" to the Capernaum Street sketches:

  • The characters are always dressed the same in every sketch (see above).
  • For each performance we project the Capernaum St. sign (illustrated above) on an OHP.
  • We use, what turned out to be, a very successful device for indicating the start and end of each sketch: the Theme Tune. We both play the first few bars of the theme tune to Coronation Street on kazoos.


[Theme tune]
Peter:  [Entering] Hiya luv.
Elizabeth:  Oh hello luv. Had a nice day at the docks?
Peter:  Well funnily enough...
Elizabeth:  Oh good. Well just sit down then tea's nearly ready.
Peter:  Liz, I've got...
Elizabeth:  Ee. What a day I've had!
Peter:  No listen I have to talk with you
Elizabeth:  [ad lib mindless chatter about the day's events]
Peter:  There's something important I have to..
Elizabeth:  [more ad lib]
Peter:  [Shouting] Will you shut up woman!
Elizabeth:  There's no need to shout Peter!
Peter:  Oh aye. Listen love I've something very important to say to you.
Elizabeth:  Well why didn't you say!
Peter:  I did. Oh never mind about that. Today I met that Jesus bloke.
Elizabeth:  Oh that prophet bloke…I like him. Oo he's a very nice man.
Peter:  He came out in my boat.
Elizabeth:  A very, very nice man ... he did what? ... in our boat. Oo wait til I tell Martha next door. That nice man. In our boat. Fancy.
Peter:  Well that's not all though.
Elizabeth:  Well what else is there?
Peter:  Er ... well ... He wanted to use the boat to preach from ...
Elizabeth:  He preached from our boat? That Martha next door will go green with envy!
Peter:  No love. Just listen. He wanted to use the boat to speak from. Then afterwards he said: 'Put out into deep water  and let down your nets for a catch'. Well I nearly threw him off there and then ? I mean I thought "who does he think he is. He’s only a carpenter what does he know about fishing".
Elizabeth:  What you don’t know about fishing isn’t worth knowing Peter.
Peter:  Exactly. But anyway there's something about him you see. So I simply said, "Well Jesus we’ve worked hard all night and caught nothing, but well cos you say so we'll do it". So we did.
Elizabeth:  You did?
Peter:  We did. And you’ll never guess what happened next? We caught that many fish our nets started to break. I have not seen so many fish in one net in all my days fishing. It was so full we had to get James and John to come and help. They couldn't believe it neither.  I  knew then Elizabeth that there was something very special about him ...
Elizabeth:  I'll say - a carpenter who knows about fishing!
Peter:  ....and something very unworthy about me.  But then he said, "Don’t be afraid - I'll make you fish for men & women. Follow me". So I did. I mean I am. I mean that's what I’m trying to tell you. I’m going with Jesus...
Elizabeth:  You’re doing WHAT??!!!!
Peter:  We're going to follow him wherever he goes! [pause] He's from God you know Liz.
Elizabeth:  I don't care where he's from. You’re not going.
Peter:  But I have to. Please try to understand. I’ll come back and see you.
Elizabeth:  But what about me and the kids. Here all on our own.
Peter:  Your mum'll be here.
Elizabeth:  Yes but, what am I going to tell that Martha next door? "Oo Martha, my husband’s got religion and now he's off following some nutcase 'round the countryside".
Peter:  You said he was a very nice man.
Elizabeth:  Well I thought he was 'til this.
Peter:  Listen ...  I’ve got to go now. I’ll see you soon. [He leaves]
Elizabeth:  Oh no. How am I going to manage? No income and seven children and my poor sickly mother to feed. What am I going to do?
[Theme tune]

Copyright © 1994, 2003 Jane And Mark Lewis. Email:

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