Rich Fool

by Jane And Mark Lewis
Potted JAM
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This sketch draws heavily on the advertising slogans for the UK National Lottery but its not really about the lottery at all is a relatively straightforward re-telling of the Parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12v13-21). The parable presents a challenge to materialism and the short-sightedness of ignoring eternity. Hopefully, the sketch does too!

This is one of our oldies - the bare bones have always stayed the same but the topical references can easily be updated. This version picks up the most recent lottery advertisements as well as the scandal around cheating on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".



  • Rich Fool - a lottery winner
  • His (or her!) Conscience.


Only needs a chair. Rich Fool sits on a chair facing audience, Conscience stands to his/her side and is gradually pushed away (moves back towards wall) as he/she is consistently ignored by the person.


Rich Fool:  Wow! Fancy winning the lottery. Who wants to be a millionaire - I Do! No, [cough, cough] problemo! Well yeah I had to share it. Out of all the weeks to win there were six other people with the same numbers. Still a million’s not to be sneezed at.
Conscience:  You could give some away.
Rich Fool:  I could give some away like to the local children's hospital. Hang on I haven't finished paying for the telly yet. What am I thinking. I can get rid of that telly and get a huge 42-inch plasma screen, dolby surround sound, sky sport, oh yes what an excellent idea.
Conscience:  What about the poor?
Rich Fool:  What about ... a new car. I'll get rid of my Ford escort and get....what something bigger, a BMW, no , no a Range Rover, no, no,  what am I thinking. I want a FERRARI!!!!!!!!! A red one....oh yes......
Conscience:  What about other people?
Rich Fool:  What about a holiday. I haven't had a proper one for years. How about a cruise to the Bahamas? Oh yes all that sun and relaxation. Just what I need. Having to decide how to spend all my money is so stressful.
Conscience:  You're becoming greedy
Rich Fool:  Now, I mustn't be greedy I ought to give some away a needy cause .....yes that's what I’ll do I'll give some to the wife.
Conscience:  What about other people?
Rich Fool:  No, seriously, there are so many needy causes it’s so hard to decide which ones - I'll come back to that.
Conscience:  What about God?
Rich Fool:  What about ... moving to the country.  I could live in a house [pause] a very big house [pause] in the country! Yes, a big house with big gardens and a double, no triple garage, and then I can have a 4 x 4 and a Ferrari.  I've always fancied Kirbymoorside.
Conscience:  What about God?
Rich Fool:  Actually I'm well set up.  I'll pay off the mortgage, I'll have a healthy pension on the way - I can sit back and enjoy life.
Conscience:  What if you died now - how would you enjoy all your things then?
Rich Fool:  I'm quite fit too - still manage the odd game of golf. Hey I could get a new set of clubs. Better still I could buy a Golf club. Plenty of years to enjoy myself.... [Man has a heart attack and dies. Ham it up - go for the over-the-top, overdramatic, scene-stealing theatrical death]
Conscience:  Remember it could be you! A person's true life is not made up of the things he owns. So don't give a little, give a lotto.

Copyright © 1989, 2003 Jane And Mark Lewis. Email:

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