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by Jane And Mark Lewis
Potted JAM
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This sketch is loosely based on “After the Break” by Carol Bridges which appeared in the "Sharing And Learning Together" material from Scripture Union in 1994. The idea of the sketch is an interview with Mary the mother of Jesus (who should be played very straight and guileless) who is being interviewed to explore the events of Pentecost. As the comedy characters Smashie and Nicey (performed by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse) were at their peak when we wrote the sketch we based the Radio DJ, Steve Righteous, on them. Also, at the time, Steve Wright was a DJ on Radio One FM. In the sketch Steve Righteous should become more unsettled as things unfold - he starts thinking he is in total control of the situation but gets more uneasy the more Mary speaks about Jesus and the Holy Spirit so readily.

P.S. Even though this was originally written back in 1994, with DJs like Steve Wright turning up on Radio 2 and "talk radio" more popular - this could once again be topical!



  • Steve Righteous, a Radio DJ (a la Smashie and Nicey)
  • Mary, the Mother of Jesus


A radio studio, microphones on table, etc.


Steve:  How are you feeling? A bit nervous?
Mary:  A little.
Steve:  Don't worry, I'm just going to ask a few questions about what happened yesterday; just try to answer as simply as you can. OK?
Mary:  Yes.
Steve:  Right - we're on. [Motions 5-4-3-2-1: ON AIR]
Hello, good morning and quite literally Shalom.  I'm Steve Righteous and you're listening to Radio Zion FM. And on our talky-bit this morning we have with us quite literally Mary the mother of the controversial rabbi, Jesus, who was crucified seven weeks ago. Mary, along with a number of Jesus followers, were arrested yesterday morning for being drunk and disorderly. They were later released without charge. Mary — the last few weeks must have been very traumatic for you.  First your eldest son is executed and then his body is stolen....
Mary:  Oh no, it wasn't stolen.  He's alive!
Steve:  Err ... yes ... of course he's very much alive in your memories but about yesterday ...
Mary:  No, no — you don't understand. He's alive. He's risen from the dead.
Steve:  I see. So you believe the claims of some of his followers that your son is still alive.
Mary:  Of course — you'd think I'd know my own son when I saw him.
Steve:  You've seen Jesus alive?
Mary:  Yes.
Steve:  Since his death?
Mary:  Oh yes.
Steve:  Perhaps you could get him to come in for an interview. That would be quite literally resurrection-tastic and quite a coup for us here at Radio Zion FM. Remember listeners - you heard it first on Radio Zion FM.
Mary:  I'm afraid I can't do that.
Steve:  Ah.
Mary:  He's returned to his Father you see.
Steve:  Oh, but I thought that you were a widow?
Mary:  Yes, my husband passed away quite a few years ago.  No, I meant that Jesus has returned to his Heavenly Father.  But before he went he told us all to wait here in Jerusalem until we received the Holy Spirit.
Steve:  This holy spirit wouldn't have anything to do with the charges of drunken behaviour would they?
Mary:  No of course not! The Holy Spirit isn't that sort of spirit he's a person.
Steve:  I'm sorry. So when does he arrive.
Mary:  Oh - he already has.  That's what happened yesterday.
Steve:  Right. So what exactly did happen yesterday?
Mary:  Well all of us were meeting together to pray as we have done for the last couple weeks when suddenly there was this incredible roaring sound — like a really fierce wind.
Steve:  Hurricane-mungus!!!
Mary:  No - we had the windows shut. After the noise we all saw what looked like flames hovering over our heads.
Steve:  Your hair was quite literally on fire!!!!!
Mary:  No that's just what it looked like. Then suddenly we all started speaking in all sorts of different languages - I didn't recognise half of them.  Anyway, by this stage, all the noise had attracted quite a crowd outside. So we went out and everyone who was there, and they were from all over the world, mind you, could hear us speaking in their own language. That was the Holy Spirit. He enabled us to tell everyone about all that God has done through his son Jesus.  Thousands believed, and when they go back to their own countries the Holy Spirit will give them the power to live for God and tell about what he has done for them.
Steve:  So where is this Holy Spirit now?
Mary:  Right here.
Steve:  In the studio?
Mary:  Yes.
Steve:  Well if I can just say to all our listeners that I certainly can't see anyone else here.
Mary:  You can't see him because he's invisible. He's a Spirit — but he's just as real as you or I.
Steve:  So I can't see him because he's invisible.  I see. Well no I don't actually.
Mary:  He's here because he lives inside me, and inside anyone who truly believes.
Steve:  Anyone?
Mary:  Yes.  Even you.
Steve:  Even me?
Mary:  Yes - if you truly believe.
Steve:  Yes … er well that's all we have time for right now. I've been talking to Mary the mother of Jesus and hearing about the man who died and rose again and the Holy Spirit who is God's invisible power that lives and works inside of you. The question we're all asking is: is God doing something remarkable here or are these people a few scrolls short of a library. Here at Radio Zion FM we'll be checking it out so stay tuned.  This is Steve Righteous in the Morning and I'll be right back after the news here on Radio Zion FM.

Copyright © 1994, 2001 Jane And Mark Lewis. Email:

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