Pebble Mill (Nehemiah I)

by Jane And Mark Lewis
Potted JAM
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This sketch is the first in a series of three sketches about Nehemiah.  We used this to introduce the series and its largely based on chapter 1 but assumes that the interview is happening after Nehemiah has returned back to Susa.

Note: Pebble Mill was a BBC daytime TV programme which ceased broadcasting a long time ago - so obviously pick a more up-to-date programme name to use!



  • Anne Cheapjewel - a Daytime TV presenter
  • Nehemiah


TV Interview style: two chairs.

We used one prop which was a book with 'Nehemiah' on the front cover and 'Danger, God at Work' on the back.


Anne:  Good morning and welcome to Pebble Mill. I'm Anne Cheapjewel. This morning my guest is Nehemiah Ben-Hacaliah. [Hack-al-iah] Gosh, that's a bit of a mouthful, may I call you Nehemiah?
Er, yes, of course.
Anne:  Well then, a very big welcome to Pebble Mill Nehemiah. Now you have been very much in the public eye over the years and in particular you have become famous for rebuilding the fallen walls of Jerusalem in just 52 days!!
Nehemiah:  [Modestly] Well it wasn’t just me you know. I had plenty of help.
Anne:  Still, I'm sure you have an incredible tale to tell. Which is why you have just released your autobiography...
Nehemiah:  Yes that's right
Anne:  Of course it is. People only ever come on the show to flog books!
Nehemiah:  [nervously] Er...right.
Anne:  So whatis the book called.
Nehemiah:  Um...Nehemiah, just Nehemiah.
Anne:  Catchy title Nee, can I call you Nee? I believe you have brought a copy with you?
Nehemiah:  Yes [holds up book with FRONT cover to audience]
Anne:  So Nehemiah, why write a book?
Nehemiah:  Well, its quite simply really I wanted everyone to know about all the exciting events surrounding the rebuilding of the wall and all that God had done for us.
Anne:  Hmm. I see. [obviously doesn't] But how did you get involved in this building project in the first place.
Nehemiah:  Well, you see originally I worked for the Royal Family, here in Babylon - I was chief wine steward to the Emperor himself!
Anne:  Great! So lots of juicy royal gossip in the book then Nee?
Nehemiah:  Certainly not. Its not that sort of book.
Anne:  [Disappointed] Oh. So what happened?
Nehemiah:  Well, I was very upset by all the reports I had heard about the destruction of our great city of Jerusalem and how it was described as little more than I ghost town. I so wanted to see it rebuilt and God’s honour restored. So I prayed.
Anne:  Excuse me?
Nehemiah:  I prayed. You see God is a great God. He keeps his promises. One promise was that if we, the Jews, disobeyed him he would punish us. But I also knew that he promised that if we admitted our disobedience and returned to him then he would forgive us.
Anne:  I don’t quite see the relevance this has for the wall...
Nehemiah:  Ah, well, I knew that I couldn’t do anything without God’s help. So I prayed. I asked God to forgive us  for disobeying him and asked him to help me when I spoke to the Emperor.
Anne:  And did he, I mean did you?
Nehemiah:  Yes, a few weeks later the Emperor asked me why I was looking so unhappy. So I prayed...
Anne:  Again?
Nehemiah:  Just a quick one, you know 'Lord, Help!'. Anyway so I explained that I was sad about Jerusalem and asked him if I could go and rebuild the walls. He not only said 'yes' but also gave me lots of help to get going. That’s how it all started.
Anne:  A fascinating story Nee. [To audience] Read all about it in the book folks. Finally Nee. How would you sum up your book.
Nehemiah:  Well, we've subtitled it 'Danger! God at Work! [shows back cover of book]. You've got to be careful when you pray!
Anne:  Well that's all we have time for, Thank you Nehemiah
Nehemiah:  Thank you.
Anne:  Goodbye from Pebble Mill, see you next time.      

Copyright © 1995, 2008 Jane And Mark Lewis. Email:

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