Overcrowded Christmas

by Jane Lewis
Potted JAM
Copyright 1992, 2001 Jane And Mark Lewis. http://www.pottedjam.org Email: sketches@pottedjam.org



"Overcrowded Christmas" was written by Jane to illustrate how the modern trappings of Christmas can crowd the real meaning out. It was originally written for a youth group to perform as it straightforward to choreograph and there aren't any lengthy lines to learn. As the sketch relies on mime and short sharp phrases it could also be used for street theatre. The format of the sketch is taken from a similar sketch written by Simon Watterson called "What's it worth?" (also written for performing on the street). Others have used this sketch successfully hence the 5 pot rating.


pot of jampot
                of jam


  • 5 people preferably dressed in a coordinated way (e.g. same colour T-shirts, or all in black trousers/leggings with different coloured T-shirts).


All five characters walk onto the stage in a line and stop facing away from the audience. They then turn in unison and, now facing the audience, say the opening line all together. Where appropriate, each line should be accompanied by a suitable mimed action.


1:  Shopping.
2:  Writing Christmas Cards.
3:  Wrapping Presents.
4:  Putting up decorations.
5:  Hassle!
1:  Christmas Tree.
2:  Coloured Lights.
3:  Father Christmas. [5 takes 4 to see Father Christmas (2)]
    2:  Ho. Ho. Ho. What would you like for Christmas?
    4:  A Pony!
    5:  [looks extremely worried - then all back to line up.]
4:  Mistletoe.
5:  Parties!!!
1:  Turkey.
2:  Brussel Sprouts.
3:  Mince Pies.
4:  Christmas Pudding,
5:  and Brandy....sauce.
1:  Carol singing.
2:  Church.
3:  Peace on Earth.
4:  Goodwill to all men.
5:  [petulantly] WHERE'S MY PRESENT?
1:  Small Present.
2:  Big Present.
3:  Useless Present - "Thanks its just what I always wanted".
4:  Expensive Present.
1:  The 'Sound of Music' [All (except 5) sing "The Hills are Alive"]
2:  The 'Wizard of Oz' [All (except 5) sing "We're off to see the wizard - the wonderful wizard of Oz"]
3:  The Queens Speech [All fall asleep snoring]
5:  [Butting in] James Bond!
4:  [Glares at 5] Midnight Mass!
1:  The Nativity.
2:  Angels.
3:  Shepherds.
4:  Wise Men.
5:  No room at the inn.
1:  Born in poverty.
2:  Rejected by men.
3:  Jesus...
4:  God's greatest gift.
5:  No room for him.
All:  No room for God at Christmas.
[Turn and exit]

Copyright 1992, 2001 Jane And Mark Lewis. http://www.pottedjam.org Email: sketches@pottedjam.org

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