Mary & Zechariah

by Jane And Mark Lewis
Potted JAM
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Technically this is an Advent sketch rather than a Christmas sketch as it relates to the events before Jesus birth. One of the difficulties of writing sketches about the events in the gospels is that it is difficult to portray the miraculous and people like angels in the absence of big-budget special effects. The way around this is to have people describing the events that happened to someone else. For this particular sketch we needed to get details out about the angelic appearances to both Zechariah and Mary so that the sermon that followed the original performance could include a comparison between the two. So, we wondered, what happened when Mary turned up at Zechariah and Elizabeth's house? Remember, from Luke 1, that Zechariah has been struck dumb.
The four-pot rating for this sketch is based on it being well-received even when we performed it at an ecumenical service - in a local Catholic church.



  • Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist


No particular staging is required. Mary needs a big suitcase (to indicate she's come to stay for a good while). As Zechariah is currently unable to speak the person playing him does not need to learn any lines! However, they do need to be good at mime as the sketch relies on humourous and expressive mimes from Zechariah (which should be a bit more over the top than you would really expect from an old man, but that's artistic licence!). In contrast Mary needs to be played quite straight - to contrast with the comedy of seeing Zechariah making a fool of himself.


[Zechariah is at home reading paper when Mary rings doorbell pulling a suitcase behind her. She knocks on the door and he opens it...]
Mary:  Hello Zechariah!
[Zechariah waves and then is embraced by Mary]
Mary:  Its good to see you! How are you? [pause] Lost your voice?
[Zechariah nods]
Mary:  Larygnitis is it?
[Zechariah starts to look embarassed then shakes head but is interrupted by Mary]
Mary:  So where's Elizabeth. I have got SO much to tell her!!!
[Zechariah mimes pulling things off shelves. Mary looks around]
Mary:  Oh she's tidying up is she?
[Zechariah shakes head then mimes carrying heavy bags]
Mary:  No. Oh she's put her back out again?
[Zechariah mimes an elaborate mime for going shopping]
Mary:  Oh! she's gone to do the shopping! Why didn't you say so! [pause] Oh no of course you can't. Is it sore, your throat?
[Zechariah shrugs.]
Mary:  Oh I wish Elizabeth was back. I've got so much to tell you. Oh I can't wait. I'll tell you first - I've seen an angel.
[Zechariah staggers back then points at himself vigorously.]
Mary:  What, you've seen an angel too? Isn't it wonderful!!!
[Zechariah makes wavy hand motion]
Mary:  I was frightened at first ...
[Zechariah nods appreciatively...]
Mary:  ... but I was in my room when this angel appeared before me! Where were you?
[Zechariah does some more mime to try to convey doing his priestly duties at the Temple]
Mary:  Where?  Oh the Temple!! Wow! Oh well you would have been half-expecting it anyway...
[Zechariah looks stunned...]
Mary:  He told me that I was to bear a son
[Zechariah nods and points to himself...]
Mary:  You're pregnant!!!
[Zechariah frowns and somehow mimes "No Elizabeth stupid"...]
Mary:  Oh sorry yes of course - Elizabeth is expecting a son too. What wonderful news. I couldn't believe that I was going to have a baby - me [sotto voce] being a virgin and all..
[Zechariah's eys go wide...]
Mary:  But when the angel explained that my son would be the Saviour of the World I just had to say - well God you know best. Whatever you say. You know how it is!
[Zechariah looks very, very sheepish...]
Mary:  What? Weren't you pleased when the angel told you about your baby?
[Zechariah tries to crawl into a big hole....]
Mary:  What happened?
[Zechariah mimes saying no to the angel and being struck dumb as dramatically as possible...]
Mary:  So you haven't got larygnitis - the angel took your voice?
[Zechariah nods...]
Mary:  Well I never. 
[They both hear something]
Mary:  Elizabeth. Elizabeth is that you? [she runs off stage saying] I've got some incredible news...
[Zechariah is left standing on stage. He shrugs and hauls the suitcase offstage. Exit.]

Copyright © 1999, 2003 Jane And Mark Lewis. Email:

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