by Jane And Mark Lewis
Potted JAM
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The idea behind this sketch is to show how unexpected Jesus arrival was - the innkeeper in Bethlehem was expecting brisk trade not the birth of the Messiah. The aim really is to get people to think about their own preparations for Christmas - are they expecting a busy holiday period or to meet the Saviour of the World?

We liked this one and thought it was a good sketch - however, it bombed in front of the home crowd! So, originally we gave it a 2 pot rating. However, we have since heard that others have successfully used it elsewhere - hence the 5 pots!! So - you never can tell!



  • Mr & Mrs Ian Keeper - who run a guesthouse in Bethlehem.


No staging as such is required, the only props are a broom and a newspaper.


[Ian is reading a paper, holding a broom and obviously not cleaning].
Wife:  [offstage] Ian? Ian?
[Ian hurriedly folds up and hides paper]
Wife:  [Entering] What are you doing?
Ian:  [Starting to sweep] Sweeping up love.
Wife:  Well I couldn't hear anything. You were reading the paper weren't you?
Ian:  No!
Wife:  You were! I know when you're lying Ian. Look we have loads to do, we're fully booked for tonight.
Ian:  Yes, yes I know.
Wife:  And we've lots to do.
Ian:  Yes. I know and and everything's nearly ready.
Wife:  Have you cleaned the loos?
Ian:  Yep.
Wife:  Cleared out the box room?
Ian:  Yep. And put the camp bed in there.
Wife:  Removed that coffee stain from the floor in Room 3?
Ian:  I put a rug over it - no-one'll notice.
Wife:  Oh all right. Now I've got all the extra sheets washed and dried - did you get those extra blankets down from the loft?
Ian:  Yes, but we've got plenty, I doubt we'll need them.
Wife:  But Ian, from what Mr. Jacobs says from the corner shop there are hundreds of people coming to the village. We might be trying to squeeze people in everywhere.
Ian:  We're fully booked!! See [points to window] "No Vacancies".
Wife:  Well, if people are desperate they might share.
Ian:  I'm not sure...
Wife:  I bet we could get another camp bed into Room 2 if we moved the wardrobe round.
Ian:  Alright, alright! honestly!
Wife:  We'll need every bed we can get tonight - I'm telling you.
Ian:  Yes dear. [Returns to sweeping].  Stupid Census. What have the Romans ever done for us! Eh?
Wife:  Well given us a roaring trade in the off-season for starters so stop complaining. Now what about the stable?
Ian:  What about the stable?
Wife:  [An avaricious glint appearing in her eye] Well its warm and dry...
Ian:  You are kidding me, who'd sleep in a stable?
Wife:  Its better than sleeping rough.
Ian:  But it stinks!
Wife:  Yes, which is why you're going to sweep it out and put some fresh hay down.
Ian:  You'll be wanting me to clean the manger out next.
Wife:  That's a good idea - you might as well put some fresh hay in that too.
Ian:  Good grief woman! We're rolling out the red carpet aren't we? Who exactly are we expecting - The Royal Family?

Copyright © 2000, 2001 Jane And Mark Lewis. Email:

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