Supper at Emmaus

by Jane And Mark Lewis
Potted JAM
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This little skit came about as a way of both retelling the story of the Road to Emmaus from Luke 24 v13-35 and as an excuse to introduce a little bit of "culcha" to the congregation.....



  • Jane - an interested bystander
  • Caravaggio - Michelangelo Merisi the famous Italian artist


Jane is dressed normally.  Caravaggio should be dressed in an artist's smock and be holding an artist's palette and paintbrush. Ideally he should have wild-looking hair and an appalling Italian accent!
You need the painting "Supper at Emmaus" by Caravaggio projected on to a large screen.  Caravaggio is stood on a step-ladder putting the final touches to his painting - he is delighted to have someone taking an interest and needs to come across as passionate about his work.
Here's what "Supper at Emmaus" looks like:

Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio


Jane:    Oh hello. Who are you?
Caravaggio:    Buon giorno! I am the greatest painter in all a Roma! Witha the artistic temperament and de wild hair!
Jane:    Hmm. I see. So who exactly are you?
Caravaggio:    My name is [dramatic pause] ... Michelangelo ...
Oh Michelangelo - yes I've heard of you. You're famous.  Gosh. Didn't you get a crick in your neck when you painted the Sistine Chapel?...
Caravaggio:    [Angrily] No no no no no no no. Not that Michelangelo! Everybody mistaka me for that Michelangelo. I am Michelangelo Merisi.
Jane:    Oh. I've never heard of you. Sorry.
Caravaggio:    [Dejectedly] Is usual. Never mind. I not mind. [Perking up] I am usually known as ... Caravaggio!
Jane:    Oh really? Why Caravaggio?
Caravaggio:    It's after the towna where I wasa born - so no joke abouta mobile homes please.  So I look not so bad for being 438* years old no?
Er, no. You look very .... err ... good. So what are you painting now?
Caravaggio:    This is ... "The Supper at Emmaus"
Jane:    My goodness. Err ... what's that about then?
Caravaggio:    You not know this story? This is a glorious scene, no? These two here [points to the two men sitting down at the side] - they are the disciples of Jesus, si. And theya very very upset when Jesus he crucified, si? They leave Jerusalem. They get outta there pronto. As they walk along the road to Emmaus - is where they are going, si - this man here joins them [points to Jesus] Is Jesus!  But they donna recognise him! Then the three they stop at the inn. They have a meal and suddenly when Jesus he breaka de bread they recognise him. This is the scene I paint! They so surprised, no? See this man here I paint like his eyes a poppa outta his head and this one I paint like he say I donna believe it!
Jane:    What about the man standing up?
Caravaggio:    Aha! Yes he the innkeeper - he thinking whatta alla the fuss about?  Who is this bloke anyways? He not know that it is Jesus who is supposed to be dead!
Jane:    Well have you finished?
Caravaggio:    Si! Is finished!
Jane:    But what about Jesus beard? Shouldn't Jesus have a beard?
Caravaggio:    Mamma Mia! [Smacks his forehead and then shakes his head] Why you think they no recognise him!!!!!
  *Caravaggio was born in 1573 so use this to calculate the correct number of years for the year you perform the sketch.

Copyright © 1999,2011 Jane And Mark Lewis. Email:

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