While Shepherds Watched

by Jane And Mark Lewis
Potted JAM
Copyright © 1989, 2001 Jane And Mark Lewis. http://www.pottedjam.org Email: sketches@pottedjam.org



This sketch was written to try to get across the contrast between the glory of heaven that Christ left and the poverty he was born into. It also tries to show that Christmas isn't the end of the story - ultimately Jesus came into this world to die. The sketch is probably trying to get oo many points over in one go and is a bit complicated. FOr this reason its only been given a two pot rating. It is also partly inspired by Ref?



  • Matthias and Jacob, two shepherds.
  • The angel Gabriel.
  • Nicholas, an older member of the angelic choir, and
  • Noel, a younger angel choir-member.


Back of stage stands, Nicholas.  Centre stage facing shepherds is Gabriel and the shepherds are front/side stage standing or crouching generally acting cold.


[Scene 1]
Matthias:  Brrr!  Chilly tonight, innit?
Jacob:  Nah, I think we're having Spaghetti Bolognaise tonight....
Gabriel:  [loudly] Do Not Be Afraid!!
Matthias:  Aaahhh!  What was that?
Jacob:  Don't Panic, Don't Panic, Don't Panic!
Matthias:  Secure the sheep!
Jacob:  Man the lifeboats!
Matthias:  Don't Pan....No wait a minute we're missing something crucial that somebody just said.
Jacob:  Don't Panic?
Matthias:  No, no before that.
Jacob:  oh, "Don't be afraid"?.....
Matthias:  Yeh who said that?
Jacob:  Him. [points to Gabriel]
Matthias & Jacob:   AAaaaahhhh!
Gabriel: Don't be afraid!  I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people....
Jacob:  [to Matthias]  What? does that include us?
Matthias:  Yes.  SShhh!
Gabriel: ....Today in the town of David a Sav.....
Jacob:  [to Gabriel]  Excuse me which one is David's town?
Matthias:  [Stage whisper]  Bethlehem you idiot now ssshhhh!
Gabriel: A Saviour has been born to you.
Matthias:  Er - sorry I think you've got the wrong bloke - my wife's not pregnant.
Jacob:  And I haven't got a wife!
Gabriel: [slipping out of austere angel-speak] No, not you personally, you everybody...[back into angel proclamation voice]  He is Christ the Lord!!
Matthias:  [cottoning on]  Oh - what like the Messiah y'mean?
Gabriel: [Aside]  Not like the Messiah he is the Messiah! [Angel-speak]  And this will be a sign to you.  You will find the babe wrapped in cloths lying in a manger!
Matthias:  Did'e just say that the Saviour of the World is laying in a feeding trough?
Jacob:  Err [thinks]  Yep!
Matthias:  This I have to see.  [Exeunt Gabriel, Matthias and Jacob]

[FX:  Alleluia chorus strikes up - Nicholas mimes]

[Scene 2]
Noel:  [Arriving just after start of music looking hurried]  So what're we so happy about then?
Nicholas:  Where have you been?
Noel:  I missed the briefing didn't I - well come on what's the story?
Nicholas:  This is a great day an auspiscious day, a day of great rejoicing .... the Lord has gone to Earth!
Noel:  Yeh?  Oh wow!  This is a great day for mankind then.  So where's he staying Hotel Palais?
Nicholas:  Err - no.  That little stable down there [points].
Noel:  What there?  You're joking???
Nicholas:  No!  Well it is a rather elegant stable!
Noel:  But surely - what a come-down!  Why are we being so happy?
Nicholas:  It is the Lord's will.
Noel:  ...bit smelly.....so why's he gone?
Nicholas:  To be their Saviour!
Noel:  In a stable?
Nicholas:  No...the boy will grow up and will travel the country preaching the good news of God's love to the people...
Noel:  That's better.
Nicholas:  ....healing the sick, raising the dead, freeing the trapped and bound, and then....
Noel:  and then?
Nicholas:  [sigh] and then they'll kill him.
Noel:  What?  What an ungrateful bunch of no-good......
Nicholas:  Hey - steady on its all in The Plan.
Noel:  Well all very well but I don't see what we've got to be so happy about.
Nicholas:  Because he shall rise from the dead and return to rule in heaven.
Noel:  Thats a relief - you were getting me worried then!
Nicholas:  And that will be how he'll save them.
Noel:  Well - I hope they understand what he's doing.
[FX:  Alleluia chorus strikes up again, then mime to fade]

Copyright © 1989, 2001 Jane And Mark Lewis. http://www.pottedjam.org Email: sketches@pottedjam.org

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