Our Ratings System

A totally unbiased and impartial system devised by Jane And Mark Lewis


We have rated all our sketches based on how well we think they have worked, whether we like them and so on. Hopefully this gives you an idea which ones we think are sure-fire winners and which are complete duds. Why bother publishing the duds? Because one of our aims is to encourage you to adapt our material or write your own sketch based on one of ours, so we publish all our sketches - even the duffers in the hope they might spark a good idea in someone else.



A "one pot" sketch is a complete dud. It bombed. Either that or we couldn't even be bothered to finish it. We ought to be ashamed to even think about publishing it!
A "two pot" sketch has within it what we think is a good idea but the sketch itself is not finished, hasn't yet been performed or didn't go down well when was.
A "three pot" sketch is a good solid sketch. We like it and it worked well when performed.
A "four pot" sketch is what we think is a very good sketch with a very strong idea which went down a storm when we performed it.
A "five pot" sketch is a proven winner. The five-pot ranking is only awarded when we hear that other people have successfully performed this sketch with positive feedback from their audience/congregation.  See also our Feedback.

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