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Thank you very much to everyone who emails us to let us know how you have used our sketches. We really enjoy hearing from you.  Here is some of the feedback that we've received. Remember - your emails can result in the sketch being awarded a 5-pot rating!  (See our Ratings system).


"We really like using Potted Jam [Capernaum Street] sketches for our Altogether Worship. We enjoy the way they leave room for the human side of the stories to be fully experienced and explored through Peter and Elizabeth's eyes and we love putting in the relevant accents!" MB

Just thought I'd let you know that I used your sketch of the retelling of the parable of the Rich Fool this morning at a Family Eucharist. It went down very well. It's the first time, at least for a long time, that our parish has tried anything like this. Many thanks, I'll be using some more of your sketches again." JH

"Just to let you know we performed Thomas the Skeptic at an Easter morning service and at a evening celebration...We have a newly formed adult and youth drama group for [our] cluster of churches and the sketch went down very well. Thanks very much." DH

"Wanted to thank you for your sketches Reward Points and Battle Cry, both of which my youth group at church performed on a Sunday morning.  It was hard work but the congregation loved it and so did the kids." LP

"At [our] church we used the sketch 'Preparations' today, it was well received, was type cast well. No changes to the script. Give it some more pots of jam! P.S. We plan to use "the Ninth Hour News" on Christmas day, it opens up the questions our unchurched friends have." W

"Just to let you know we used your 'X-mas Files' sketch at our Carols by Candlelight service with only minimal adaptations. It worked very well, keep up the good work! We've also just done 'Donkey Oatey', with a few modifications to a packed congregation at our Christingle service. It was hugely appreciated by the full age range." KT

"Earlier... we let you know that we'd had a good response when we performed 'Reward Points' at our church. This is to let you know that last Sunday morning, we performed 'Missed Opportunity'.  Once again, it was well received, and was considered to give a strong message." S&KM

"Thank you for the sketch Capernaum St. (9) - Walking On Water.  We did it on St Peter's Day.  We weren't sure we could maintain a convincing Northern accent, and it was a "one-off" rather than part of a series, so we translated it.  Needless to say, the biggest laugh was when I emptied a boot and missed the bucket, but it was well received and, I hope, got the message across effectively.  Thank you again." C&KJ.

"We are a fairly new church attempting to start a drama team. I found your web site and have it bookmarked now. :) We used your Capernaum St. 4 - The Resurrection sketch on Easter Sunday. I used a couple who have not done much acting so instead of doing the sketch live in the service, we recorded it ahead of time. They were much more comfortable that way and it really worked seamlessly in the middle of the sermon."

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful skit [Capernaum Street 10 - Pentecost]. I was preaching on what happened next? The day or two after Pentecost when the reality hits. Your skit was a great addition to our service." Our second service of the day is our "Welcome Service" many developmentally disabled group homes join us in worship. No only did they find your skit funny, but it was understandable for them and helped me get the point across in a clear and short way. I have just started looking at your other dramas and they are incredible." M.

"Just letting you know that we used your Thomas the Skeptic sketch at our church service on Sunday. The two actors played their parts perfectly and we based our service on the theme "SEEING and BELIEVING". We just changed Madeleine to David as we had 2 male actors." MT.

"This is to let you know that we performed your sketch 'Overcrowded Christmas' at our church in December.  It was very well received and we enjoyed doing it.  We plan to do 'Reward Points' in March." KM

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