Great Expectations

by Jane And Mark Lewis
Potted JAM
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This sketch is effectively a monologue by Mary and was written to try to illustrate some of the feelings and thoughts she may have had when she received the news that she was to bear a child who would become the Saviour of the World. Another message within the sketch is that God sometimes calls us to do things that require courage and the boldness to speak up.

See also Christmas Monologues.



  • Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • Her father (offstage) - optional this can be performed as a monologue.


No staging is required for the sketch, though Mary should have one or more costume items to suggest Middle Eastern dress (e.g. headcovering/shawl).


Mary:  What am I going to say? Right. Mother, Father Iíve got something to tell you. There was this angel you see....oh no that sounds like the start of one of Fatherís really bad jokes. And this is no joke. Itís the most serious and amazing thing that could ever happen to me. So it should be easy to tell them. Mother, Father Iíve got some really exciting news how would you like to be grand-parents? Because Iím pregnant.  Except I donít suppose theyíll be excited at all. Their daughter an unmarried mother!  ďOh the shame and disgraceĒ  thatís what my Father will say. Mother will cry and wonder where she went wrong. Whose the father theyíll want to know. This is going to be tricky I can tell.  There was this angel who appeared to me and told me that I would be visited by the Spirit of the Lord and become pregnant so actually Father Iím having Godís baby. Then heíll say I was dreaming or that  Iím making it up and that itís Josephís (thatís my fiance by the way). Then heíll be cross with Joseph and Joseph will know itís not his baby and heíll be cross with me and never want to see me again. Itís all so complicated. Why me Lord? What am I saying!  Itís incredible that God should have chosen me. Iím  so ordinary. How can it be possible. What did the Angel say ďNothing is impossible with God.Ē  But God doesnít have to tell my parents. Itís me. What am I going to say? 
Father:  [offstage] Mary!
Mary:   Thatís my Father heíll be wondering where I am. The angel made saying yes to God seem so simple, the most obvious thing in the world. Now it seems the most scary. This is going to be so hard for them to accept. How am I going to help them to understand whatís happening? Lord I need youíre help. Doing your will suddenly seems so difficult.
Father:  [offstage] Mary! Where are you?
Mary:  Well this is it. Here we go then Lord. I am your servant. May it be to me just as you have said.... And please help Joseph  to understand because heís such a good and kind man.....Iím coming Father. [Exit]

Copyright © 1994, 2001 Jane And Mark Lewis. Email:

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